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Black On The Scene

Generating Opportunities for Creators
Celebrating Black Cinema & Tv
Depicting Positive Stories

We Ensure Black Representation
in the Film, Tv & Digital Realm.

Black On The Scene, is a for profit organization that provides entertainment and educational services. We ensure black representation in film, tv and the digital realm by generating opportunities for creators, celebrating black cinema and television, and depicting positive stories about black people.


Black filmmakers only make up about 5 percent of behind the scene roles in film and television. This leaves many creators without opportunities for work and growth. We guarantee spaces for black creatives by providing jobs through our productions, resources for equipment, and training in desired roles. 

Our Why


The historical footprint black people have had in cinema is huge as it has been a place to champion black lives. Despite the previous involvement in the evolution, Hollywood often ignores black cinema which leaves consumers uninformed of the rich history. We raise awareness by hosting panel discussions, movie trivia, museum pop ups, lectures and more.


Many films showcase outdated stories, perpetuates stereotypes and typically cast black leads in stories about struggle. In response, we produce content that allows audiences to feel seen and heard, creating a healthy form of amusement.

Meet the Owner

Tamia Iman Kennedy
CEO | Creator & Educator

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Saint Petersburg, Florida

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